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Photo Call #10: Motion

Things in Motion, how'd we do? Kudos to Ryan for mind-reading the theme I was going to post for this week as well.

You know the drill, photos in comments. Let's see them!


Photo Call #9: Food

Sunday's almost gone for me and I forgot to let you know you can post your pictures of Food now! I hope this was a good one to get some of you lurkers back into photography mode ;)


Week #9: Food

Yum, I love taking pictures of Food almost as much as making the delicious food to photograph. Hope you do too; don't eat everything before you get a photo of it!

Photo Call #8: Architecture

Let's see your Architecture photos that you took this week. It would be nice to see some from the couple of dormant members we haven't heard from in a couple of weeks ;)


Week #8: Architecture

Buildings are fun to take photos of. For one thing, they don't move! The time of day can also play a huge part in the feel of your photo, so experiment with your favourite building features at different times (if you can spare time to do this of course).

See you on Sunday!

Photo Call #7: Sky

I hope you had fun pointing upwards this week, let's see what you got from looking at the Sky!

(Sorry, my posts aren't very inventive at the moment. All my brain power is going to reworking my cover letter for job applications due tomorrow :x)


Week #7: Sky

Look up, look up! Capture what you see in the Sky in film (equivalent). Is it a bird; a plane; a cloud?

Sorry, that's all I've got for you. See you on the weekend!

Photo Call #6: Plants

Oh, post your pictures of plants. Go!


Week #6: Plants

We've done people, things and animals so it must be time for... Plants!

Still run off my feet with uni work. Since I forgot to post this on Monday this can be the theme for next Saturday, so you have an extra week.