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Photo Call #5: Animals

It's Sunday again (wow they come around fast lately!) so show us your pictures that you took of Animals this week.

Just a short one today, as I should be doing uni work, blah x.x


Week #5: Animals

Oh yeah, Monday's been and gone. Been sick and then busy so far this week so this slipped my mind. This week, we'll go the opposite from last week and go for alive things, Animals (sorry rosequoll, I would love to do reptiles but I don't know where I would find one to photograph!).

So, go for it! Birds, fish, reptiles, pets; anything that's an animal, hunt it down with your lens.

Photo Call #4: Still Life

Now's the time to start putting up your Still Life photos that you've taken this week. Did anyone have any random cornucopias lying around their house, conveniently next to a vase of flowers? :P

Also, if all community members (and watchers) could vote in this poll it would be much appreciated so I can see how this is working out for everyone.

Poll #1431703 Photo Submission Method

How would you prefer to see photos posted to the community?

As comments to a photo call entry
As a separate entry per submission
I don't mind, either is fine

Week #4: Still Life

This week's theme is to take pictures of inanimate objects. Play with some angles and lighting; take something mundane and make it magical. It doesn't have to be a bowl of fruit, just whatever takes your fancy.

We only got a few picture up from last week so if you took some, get cracking and upload them. If not, this week is just for you: find anything around your house that isn't alive and photograph it!

Photo Call #3: Night-time

Oh yeah, it's Sunday! Over the next couple of days, post the pictures you took this week at Night. I thought this one would be easy, but personally I found this week's theme quite hard. I'm interested to see what everyone else came up with. I've got an easier one in mind for the week starting tomorrow though =)

Remember, you've got until the next Photo Call in a week's time to post them up here so don't give up if you haven't taken any yet.

For those that might be wondering why I opted for submissions to be posted as comments, rather than individual community entries, is that I didn't want people to be overwhelmed with a flood of posts every week (especially if the community membership gets bigger at some point). Also, I feel that it keeps each week's submissions together and able to be commented on.

rosequoll brought up the point that posting your pictures as comments limits discussion in some way. My personal opinion is that you can have the same level of discussion within comments which is why I recommend tracking comments to the Photo Call entries if you like to know what others are saying. I also know that some people would rather just come and check out the weekly_photo entries a couple of times a week to see what's going on.

This is a new community venture, and I do encourage your input. If more people do want to post their submissions as new community entries instead, we could look at changing the format. I might post a poll or something sometime next week to gauge people's opinions.

To keep things neat, if you want to share your opinion of how you'd like to see photos posted, please comment on the entry here and save this one for photos.

Week #3: Night-time

Fiddle with your ISO settings and crank up the exposure time, it's time to take some photos at night. I want to see what you can come up with in low-light conditions. If you'd like to try shooting with natural low-light, or maybe have a play around with your flash, this is the week to do it!

If you haven't posted a photo for last week's theme yet, you can still do so up until this weekend coming. See you then!

Photo Call #2: People

Happy Sunday everyone! Time to start uploading and posting your photos of People a comment to this entry. Did you go for a self-portrait, a candid shot of your friends, a large crowd, or something else?

Reiterating the value of tracking comments to be notified when others post their pictures. There were a couple of delayed submissions last week so go and check them out if you haven't already.


Week #2: People

Most people don't like having a camera shoved in their face, and here's your permission to do just that! This week's theme is People. One person, two or more, posed or candid it doesn't matter.

Go out and take the perfect shot and capture a people moment. See you on Sunday!

P.S. If you still have submissions for last week's theme, you can still post them (as I know that some of you still have some Sunday left and/or are out of town at the moment) up until I do the next call for photos this weekend coming.

Photo Call #1: Water

Well, it's close enough to Sunday for me now. Also, jumping on a plane soon after I wake up and won't be near a computer for a little while.

So, over the rest of the weekend (wherever you happen to be) post your pictures as a comment to this entry. This community's all about encouraging others to help us all improve and stay motivated so comment on other people's photos. The only thing I ask is don't be nasty, it's fine to be critical just don't attack anyone.

As for the content of your submission comments, to be nice to people using different browsers and maybe even slow internets, keep the maximum dimension under 600 pixels. But yes, feel free to link to a larger sized image too. I'm thinking it might be a nice idea to write a little bit about why you chose that photo as well, just for some background for people.

I'd recommend tracking comments if you want to be notified of when other people add photos as we're all kind of spread out across the world. And, it's easier than coming back to check this post all the time!

So, ladies and gentleman, your submissions on the theme of Water please.


Week #1: Water

We'll start the first week off a little early. The first topic is a broad one: Water. Go out and take pictures of anything to do with water. Keep a look-out on the weekend coming for the first call to show us what you've achieved for the week.

That's it. Take photos. Have fun.