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weekly_photo's Journal

Photographic Muse, Week-by-Week
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This community was created to give everyone a little kick to use their cameras a bit more.

The Format
Each week on Monday, a topic is posted to the community. Your goal is to go out and take photos that meet the requirement. Then, on Sunday there'll be a call to post your picture for this week where the other members can comment on it to offer their opinions.

Don't cheat. This isn't for posting photos which you've taken before; go out and take some new ones. It's not compulsory to participate each week, but it is encouraged. If you'd like to, you may edit your photos slightly, although try not to go overboard.

Please don't harass other members. This is not the place to come to put people down; constructive criticism only.

If you'd like to suggest themes for future weeks, feel free to comment as such on the weekly theme announcement posts.